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Despite being an old method, rat traps are still a very effective solution of rodent problem. The main thing to consider when choosing one – what is the most important for you? Now, there are new era electronic rat traps which kill the rat in a 1 second, and do not let you mess with and touch its dead body. 

There are also oldschool “snap traps’ which are equally effective and cheap, but you will need to dump out its “jackpot” by yourself) Rat traps are not as dangerous to your pets and kids as poisons, but a certain care should be taken… We have deeply examined the market, and compiled a roster of best rat traps to buy :

Rat Trap




+7000V electric shock kills rats instantly without causing long pain
+NO blood, NO touching to dead rodent, simply slide the dead body into the bin and place the trap back to the place
+Easy to use, operates both with adapter and batteries
+Effective for rats, mice and other rodents.

-Only for inside use

+Cheap and effective old style snap trap
+Pack of 12 snap traps, and each trap can be used more than once
+Possible to use both indoors and outside
+Visible proof of catching the rat

-You have to wear gloves to dispose the dead body of rodents
-Can be easily trigered , so keep it off from kids and pets.
-Can also kill squirrels

+Reusable snap traps which doesn’t hold odor or stink
+Most popular (3700 reviews)
+Easy disposal, without touching the dead body
+Safe to set up, safe for fingers
+Both indoor and outdoor usage


+Kills with an instant shock, no pain
+Easy cleaning and disposal, without touching or seeing the body
+Kills up to 100 rats with fully charged batterries (included)

-Only for indoor use

+Reusable snap traps which doesn’t hold odor or stink
+Most popular (3700 reviews)
+Easy disposal, without touching the dead body
+Safe to set up, safe for fingers
+Both indoor and outdoor usage


+Perfect humane rat trap, doesn’t kill the animal, collects them
+Safe for all pets and kids
+Easy set up
+Durable and lightweight

-You have to go and find appropriate place to release the animal

+Easy set up, can be set with hands and foot, no fingers use , zero possibility of damage

-Can be ineffective for some big rats

+Sends kill alerts directly to your cell phone
+No-touch no see disposal
+The wi-fi app can monitor unlimited number of traps
+50 kills per full set of baterries

-Only for indoor use

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Pestzilla humane zap trap

There are many kind of electronic rat traps, but Pestzilla is leading our table, cause we see the best value for its price. It separates you from “the dirty side” of the process, you do not need to touch or see the killed rats. The flexibility which allows to charge it either by adapter or use batteries is also comfort adding advantage. The only drawback is that you cannot use it outside.

If you do not want to spend big on these unpleasant rodents, and seek a low cost and effective method, then Victor rat snap traps are perfect solution. It is effective and usable both indoors and outdoors. Each trap can be used several times, but you need to wear gloves for disposing off each catch.

Victor Metal Pedal rat trap

Snap-E 6 Pack

This is the most popular and appealing kind of trap. It is made of a material which doesn’t stink or hold odor, and is reusable. Its design is made safe for installation and easy disposal after each catch. Usable both inside and outside buildings. For its price I would consider it best rat trap for apartments which have few number of rats.

These electronic rat trap from Victor is another budget friendly choice for rat removal. It can kill upto 100 rats for a set of fully charged batteries. Easy cleaning and disposal helps you in a great way. The disadvantage is indoor use only.

Victor M250 No touch No see

Made2catch pack of 4 reusable

If you suspect that rats at your property are quite big this option can help you. Some big rats may evade being caught by basic snap traps and the electronic rat trap cabins are small for them. Made2catch is manufactured exactly taking into account these points. It is made from galvanised metal which increases its durability. It is reusable and cheap option against rats.

If you are a very symphatetic person and do not want to kill the animals , these option can catch your eye. It doesn’t kill rats, as soon as rat has entered the cage the doors are closing and the animal is trapped. It cannot harm any pets or kids and is very lightweight and reusable kind of trap. The disadvantage with it, is that you have to check it often and have to carry it to appropriate place to release the rodent and put it on its place for the next catch.

AmazingTraps Humane Rat trap

TomCat Rat Snap trap

TomCat is a big brand in rodent control equipments. These rat trap is safe for your fingers, you can set it up using hands and foot only. It is reusable and cheap. The drawback is that some big rats may evade the trapping.

This is pretty sophisticated and effective option. The trapping alerts are sent to your mobile phone, and you can monitor each trap online, which is very comfortable if you are a busy person and do not have a chance to check the trap often.

So this is the list where you can choose best rat trap for your case. Be sure to check advantages and weak points of each option before making your choice. Alternatively, you can also look at best rat poison list , which can be also considered as means of mass rat removal.

Victor WI-fi electronic smart trap

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